Sidol +

Highly concentrated powerful effective Germicide
Technical Information

(Cetrimide IP 15.0 % w/v, Cholorhexidine Gluconaate Solution IP 7.5 % v/v, Alcohol(Denatured) 10.0 % v/v), Excipients QS, Colours : Tartrazine


Highly Concentrated Powerful Effective Germicide

  • To store previously sterilized instruments.
  • Cleansign and disinfection of instruments , Equipments, Furniture and  Fittings in the vicinity of patients.
  • Cleansign and disinfection of post-operative wounds, swabboing in abstetric, gynaecology and urology, aseptic management of burns.
  • Skin disinfection for pre-operative and other invasive procedures, emergency disinfection for clean instruments and equipments.
  • Cleaning  and disinfection physically dirty wounds where extra detergency is required, aseptic management of burns where this higher strength is indicated.
Available Pack Sizes

100 ml/ 500 ml/ 1 Ltrs/ 5 Ltrs/ 20 Ltrs packs


Highly concentrated powerful effective Germicide