Sarvotham Remedies


Safe Skin Care Paste For Industial Use

sepsnods-s Description

  • The wonderful NILGREASE skin care paste provides safe cleaning and conditioning of Greasy oily, dirty, varnished, heavy soiled, carbon & Graphite coated hands with single wash.
  • NILGREASE is skin friendly, non-allergic having strength of having 16 ingredients for keeping hands clean, safe & conditioned with each wash.
  • NILGREASE provides pleasant fragrance and comfortable ‘after feel’ without dryness on each wash.
  • Natural oil include to provide Emollient, conditioning, Soothing, moisturizing properly & to restore more even skin tone, leaving soft feeling after wash.
  • Ideal, Convenient, Safe and Effective.
  • Loaded with Antiseptic, Anti-bacterial agent for antimicrobial effect.
  • ¬†Guards against bacterial skin infection with the aid of Glycerin humectant cleanser and moisture which acts as a barrier against moisture loss and an attractant of wrinkles and fine lines on skin.
  • Robust to use & skin Friendly.
  • Extra strengthened with wetting, Emulsifying agents to support detergent effect.
  • Added Abrasives, Filter to give better cleansing action.
  • Supported with Soft soap for excellent cleanliness.
  • Enriched with safe Fragrance.

Available Pack Sizes

400 gms pack