Sarvotham Remedies

Sepsonil DX

Advanced antiseptic Cream against germs

sepsnods-s Technical Information

(Dichlorometaxylenol B.P.C 1.5 % w/v, Terpineol BP 2.0 % v/v, Alcohol (Denatured) 2.0 % v/v) Excipients QS Colour: Caramel
All purpose Antiseptic Germicidal Solution to fight Against Germs


  • An advanced formula of all purpose Antiseptic & Germicide Solution against most Gram +ve Bacteria, Fungi and Lipophylic Viruses.
  • USEFUL FOR: Wounds, cuts, Insect Bites, Scratches, Bathing, Nappy Wash, Shaving, Dandruff, Epidemics.

Available Pack Sizes

100 ml/ 500 ml/ 1 Ltrs/ 5 Ltrs packs