Sarvotham Remedies


Effective Rub-in hand Disinfectant Broad Spectrum Antimicrobial, fungicidal and Virucidal

sepsnods-sTechnical Information

  • 2-Propanol 45.0 % w/w
  • 1-Propanol 30.0 % w/w
  • Ethyl-hexadecyl-dimethyl ammonium 0.2 % w/w (Macetronium Ehylsulphate)
  • Aqueous Base QS- contains Glycerine
  • Fragrance, buffer and color FD & C Blue 1 as key ingredients


  • Hand Disinfectant For Surgical Use:
  • Apply 8 to 10 ml over clean dry hands, nail, grooves and upto elbows.
  • Rub well 3 to 5 minutes till dry.
  • Hygienic Hand Disinfection:
  • Apply 2 to 3 ml over clean dry hands, nail, grooves and rub well 15 to 30 seconds.
  • For Hygienic use in Hospitals, Clinics, Health Institution, diagnostics Laboratories. Effectively against common Bacteria, Antibiotic, Resistant Bacteria, Fungi, Viruses that may cause illness.


  • Apply 8-10 ml over clean dry hands, nail grooves upto elbows.Rub well 3-5 minutes till dry
  • Apply 2-3 ml over clean dry hands and nail grooves. Rub well 15-30 secs.

Available Pack Sizes

100ml/ 500ml packs